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With a strong know-how in managing projects involving large heavy steel elements, we contribute to a large scale of infrastructure projects. Furthermore, understanding the critical importance of quality and safety management and working according to global and local standards. Our team of experienced consultants has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and complexities involved in today's large-scale infrastructure projects, involving a global supply-chain. In the chapter below you can read more about:
  • Our scope of solutions within infrastructure projects
  • Our service areas within infrastructure projects

Scope of work

At A-LEAF we provide services and specialists to support infrastructure projects at an early stage and throughout the development phase. 

    Prior to developement

    Supplier evaluation/audit
    Production capacity evaluation
    Audit of suppliers/sub-suppliers
    Risk evaluation/mitigation
    Design validation
    Design interfaces
    Planning & Forecasting - EPCI
    Contract Management

    During development

    Contract Management
    Project Management
    QA/QC Management
    Reporting to Client
    HSE Control and Management

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Service areas within infrastructure projects

We supply our services towards all infrastructure projects that involves a complexity of heavy steel elements, among others:

    Service areas

    Gas pipelines
    Bio facilities
     Heavy Steel Foundations

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how we add

value to our clients

Projects that partner with A-LEAF can expect improved project outcomes, increased efficiency and compliance assurance. 

Through our track-record of supplying specialists towards privately and publicy management infrastructure projects, we guarantee a high standard within all corners of projects execution, following a strict code of conduct, prober working environment and timely delivery.

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Transparency is key
We include our clients in the solutions we provide, through know-how transfer. This way there is always full transparency in what we do, and results and knowledge stays with the client. 
Powered by industry know-how
Our strongest asset is our industry know-how with deep roots in heavy steel projects from the on- & offshore industry. 
Our accumulated knowledge
An extensive track-record of supplying project specialsts combined with 25 years of industry experience from managing heavy-steel projects. Today A-LEAF has provided specialized consulting since 2013. 

We provide both Individual Specialists and Complete Project Organizations.

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