the values
of a-leaf

With a long track record in the wind industry from companies such as
Vestas/N.E.G Micon, Suzlon Wind Energy, Draka/Prysmian and Marsh Wind Technology, founder Anders G. Larsen saw a clear need for specialists with industry knowledge, the right personality and cultural understanding to manage Projects, Quality and HSE within vacant positions to hereby ensure successful long & short-term projects.

– With a large network in the On- & Offshore Industry, the idea to create A-LEAF was hereby born: To optimize projects and reduce the amount of flaws & expensive delays in the industry, by supplying  qualified specialists, experience within the right industries and projects.

Since 2013, A-LEAF has been a lead supplier of highly qualified specialists within Project, Quality and HSE Management towards Heavy Steel, Wind and Infrastructure projects.


Transparency creates confidence - the foundation of every succesful collaboration.
One of the core values that A-LEAF Specialized Consulting upholds is transparency. The company recognizes that transparency is crucial for building and maintaining trust with clients, and it is an essential element in ensuring the success of any project. 


We all have a responsibility, towards each other, the environment and the future. 
At A-LEAF we recognize that our actions and decisions can have significant impacts on people, the environment, and the future, and as such, we take a responsible and sustainable approach in all aspects of our work.


Integrity by staying honest to our clients and our employees.
Integrity is reflected in how our consultants' commitment to delivering high-quality work that meets or exceeds our clients' expectations. For us Integrity means the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles towards the people that we deliver our work to as well as those we involve in the project. 


Agility means that we are able to adapt ourselves towards the best outcome.
Agility is reflected in A-LEAF's consultants' ability to work collaboratively and flexibly with clients and stakeholders. They take an adaptive approach, recognizing that different situations require different strategies, and they are always willing to adjust their approach based on feedback and changing circumstances.

Value creating

Creating value by meeting requirements from both employers and employees.
Down to the core the main goal for A-LEAF is to create value at all levels of a projects and towards the people involved. The benefit of making it right the first time, mitigating risks, enhancing quality and overall reducing expensive delays and project costs. For employees value is achieving the right challenges combined with the best work-life ballance, as well meeting the right people through their career. 


It takes a specialist to supply a specialist - our specialists are powered by industry know-how.
At A-LEAF we place a high value on quality, recognizing its importance in building and maintaining trust with clients and stakeholders. By prioritizing industry know-how, attention to detail, proactive quality assurance, and continuous improvement, our specialists demonstrate their commitment to delivering high-quality work that meets or exceeds our clients' expectations and contributes to the success of each project.

we work with

the united nations sdg's

At A-LEAF we have choosed to work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We wish to improve and contribute to fundamental human rights, employee rights, anti corruption and the global environment. Some of the areas that we currently are working on at A-LEAF are: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, Gender Equality, Responsble Consumption and Production, Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action. 

we follow the

industry standard

A-LEAF is certified within the most common industry standards within on- & offshore wind and infrastructure projects, ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 to ensure the quality, safety and environment of the projects we deliver. An assurance towards our clients and the entire supply-chain behind any project we deliver.