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Founded in 2013 by Anders G. Larsen, a seasoned professional with an extensive background in the wind industry, A-LEAF emerged as a frontrunner in providing specialized consulting services for heavy steel, wind, and infrastructure projects. Larsen recognized the crucial need for experts with industry knowledge, the right personality traits, and cultural understanding to effectively manage projects, ensure quality standards, and uphold health, safety, and environmental (HSE) regulations. 

With a vast network in the on- and offshore industry, A-LEAF was established to optimize projects, minimize flaws, and prevent costly delays by supplying qualified specialists with relevant industry experience.

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Founding and Early Success
In 2013, A-LEAF ApS was founded in Ikast, Denmark, with the mission to address the project management challenges faced by the wind and heavy steel sectors. 

Leveraging Larsen's extensive experience with companies like Vestas/N.E.G Micon, Suzlon Wind Energy, Draka/Prysmian, and Marsh Wind Technology, A-LEAF quickly gained recognition as a lead supplier of highly qualified specialists in project, quality, and HSE management.
Expansion and Enhanced Capabilities
A-LEAF's success led to significant growth, necessitating a move to new headquarters in Hammel, Denmark, in 2016. This relocation provided a larger operational space, enabling the company to cater to increasing client demands and accommodate a growing team of experts. A-LEAF solidified its reputation as a trusted partner in the wind and heavy steel industries.
International Ventures and Strategic Offices
Recognizing the global potential of its services, A-LEAF embarked on a series of strategic expansions. In 2018, A-LEAF Tecknowcon was established in Pune, India, capitalizing on the region's thriving wind energy sector and creating opportunities for collaboration with local partners. 

The same year, A-LEAF Tecknowcon Egypt was founded in Cairo, Egypt, further expanding the company's reach across the Middle East.
Solidifying the Danish foothold
A-LEAF continued its expansion in Denmark, with the opening of a new office in Esbjerg in 2020, strengthening its presence in the country's thriving wind industry. Subsequently, in 2022, the company relocated its headquarters to Hadsten and opened another office in Odense, further solidifying its commitment to the Danish market.

Simultaneously, A-LEAF expanded its global footprint by establishing offices in key international locations. The company opened offices in Hamburg, Germany, Maryland, USA, and Hadleigh, United Kingdom in 2022, enabling A-LEAF to provide its specialized consulting services to clients across Europe and the United States.
Further internationalization
In 2020 the first regional Danish office outside the HQ is opened. On the contrary to what was expected during the lockdown era of Covid-19, 2020 was a busy year for A-LEAF, that resulted in an expansion. 

Esbjerg is a strategically important location in specifically the Danish offshore wind industry, that has developed over the years from the Oil & Gas industry. With its geographic location with easy access towards the North Sea, much of the assembly work out of Denmark towards offshore wind, lies here today and is steadily growing as a location for all offshore wind development. 
Expanding Presence in the United States
In a significant step towards solidifying its position as a global supplier in the industry, A-LEAF recently opened a new office in Dalles, Texas, USA. This strategic move involved hiring a local country manager to oversee operations and strengthen relationships with key players in the wind and heavy steel sectors. 

With a dedicated presence in the United States, A-LEAF is poised to provide tailored consulting services and foster closer collaborations with clients, reaffirming its commitment to delivering excellence on a global scale.
Towards future projects 
A-LEAF continues a solid expansion with new projects on a global scale, engaging in the development of offshore wind projects in the U.S. and Danish energy islands among others. 
Founding and Early Success (2013-2015)
Expansion and Enhanced Capabilities (2016-2017)
International Ventures and Strategic Offices (2018-2020)
Solidifying the our foothold (2020-2022)
Further internationalization (2022)
Expanding Presence in the United States (2022-2023)
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