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how we work in

the wind industry

We at A-LEAF stand out as a leading consultancy firm in the wind industry, thanks to our deep roots and vast experience in the sector. Born from within the industry itself, our team boasts over 20 years of hands-on expertise, giving us a unique perspective and unparalleled understanding of the wind energy landscape.

As true wind industry experts, we have successfully navigated the evolution of the sector, adapting to changing technologies and market conditions.
  • We offer our services troughout the entire project scope, from early planning towards pre-assembly
  • We provide Solutions within Project, Quality and Safety Management

Scope of work: On- & Offshore Wind

From early planning and evaluation of on- & offshore wind farms, it is crucial that the right measures are being made by the right candidates that not only know wind turbine technology, but are able to combine theory, culture, legislation and much more. This is what we define as specialized wind consulting.   
Prior to developement
  • Supplier evalution/audit
  • Production capacity evaluation
  • Audit of suppliers/sub-suppliers
  • Risk evaluation/mitigation
  • Design validation
  • Design interfaces
  • Planning & Forecasting - EPCI
  • Contract Management
During developement
  • Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • QA/QC
  • Documentation
  • Reporting to client
  • HSE
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Wind Services

With deep roots in heavy steel, we have extended know-how and experience support projects towards primary and secondary steel components for the wind industry. 
Service areas
  • Jackets, Monopiles & Transition Pieces
  • Offshore Substations
  • WTG, Towers, Nacelle, Hub
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and specialized support towards the interphase between steel and electrical components
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how we add value

to our clients

Businesses that partner with A-LEAF can expect improved project outcomes, increased efficiency, compliance assurance, a competitive edge in the market, and the formation of valuable long-term relationships.

Our innovative and sustainable solutions, combined with our extensive experience, give clients an edge over competitors in the fast-growing wind energy market.
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Enhanced project outcomes
Our industry-specific expertise and comprehensive management services lead to optimized processes and resource allocation, resulting in higher project success rates and minimized risks.
Improved efficiency:
Our streamlined approach to project, quality, and safety management helps clients reduce operational costs, save time, and maximize returns on investment.
Compliance and safety assurance
We ensure that clients' projects adhere to all relevant regulations, industry standards, and safety protocols, protecting their reputation and mitigating potential liabilities.

We provide both Individual Specialists and Complete Project Organizations.

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