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We know the importance of proper planning and the right execution for each project – and so does our highly-experienced team of managers. They support projects from the before the financial closure till the OMS handover, making sure the project concludes with a successful outcome.

Their experience supports the business case; ensuring a minimized risk, the timeline is maintained, and the budget is kept - the trifecta of any given project.

Our managers have experience in leading small-scale teams as well as teams of +300 people, making A-LEAF capable of supporting just about any size project required by our clients.


Our specialists support the project quality by leading inspections on the materials and the production as well as testing and sampling

  • Developing standards and templates for documents and procedures.
  • Planning and conducting inspections.
  • Promoting quality culture on sites.
  • Participating in audits.
  • Collecting and maintaining documents.
  • HSE procedures.
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Contract & Sourcing

Our managers support the planning and coordination of the supply chain, making sure the project has all the required material from start to finish.

  • Providing legal and contractual advice.
  • Cost estimates and financial analysis.
  • Calculations of changes and requirements.
  • Collecting and maintaining documents.
  • HSE procedures.
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Site & Commissioning

Our managers support the day-to-day operation within a project area, functioning as client reps, site-, fabrication-, HSE-, logistic- and
documentation managers.

  • Reviewing staffing plans, budgets, tonnages, timelines etc.
  • Review of site layout, facilities, equipment etc.
  • Overseeing of contractors and engaging with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Collecting and maintaining documents.
  • HSE procedures.
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what we do

within management

At A-LEAF we provide a wide range of management services from before financial closure till the OMS handover.

Our managers support project site activities, ensuring the day-to-day operation as well as reporting to the client/project owner.

Site & Fabrication





Contract & Sourcing


Client rep

We provide both Individual Specialists and Complete Project Organizations.

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