Fabriciation Quality Supervision – Hornsea 1 Offshore Wind Farm

A-LEAF supported Ørsted in the period from 2016 – 2018 on the Hornsea 1 Offshore Wind Farm Project, with Quality Supervision on 174 Siemens Gamesa 7 MW Turbines. For this project A-LEAF supplied Quality Inspection Services towards the construction of nacelles at the Siemens production facility in Cuxhaven. Among others, our specialists performed Quality Inspections on all nacelle components, including: Hub, Generator, Front-end and Rear-end.

The developers behind the biggest Offshore Wind Farm to date yet, is a joint venture between Ørsted and Global Infrastructure Partners. Today the first turbines at Hornsea 1 are already commissioned and successfully operating, whereas the Hornsea 1 Offshore Wind Farm when fully operational will produce up to 1218 MW electricity pr. hour.

Services provided for the project:

Project Management – Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm

A-LEAF supported Bladt Industries in the period between 2016 – 2018 with project management services for the production of 30 Jacket Foundations towards the Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm Project, owned by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, SSE and Red Rock Power Ltd, electricity. The Jacket Foundations for the Beatrice Project are among the deepest of foundations in the industry used for offshore wind turbines, (between 68 and 81 meters) and consists of 84 – 7MW turbines from Siemens Gamesa, with a total capacity of 588 MW electricity pr. hour.

A-LEAF here supplied specialists with responsibility for sourcing of primary steel (pin piles) and secondary steel units (boat landings, platforms), Contract Management and overall responsibility for Time Management and Project Execution.

Services provided for the project:

Pedro Cunha Joins A-LEAF as New Country Manager and CCO

A-LEAF is pleased to announce the appointment of Pedro Cunha as its new Country Manager and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

Pedro will be operating from A-LEAF International Inc. located in Dallas, TX and will be responsible for managing the affairs of A-LEAF in the Americas, including the development of new business, sales and products, and the implementation of HR, accounting, and control systems. As the Country Manager and CCO for the Americas, Pedro will bring his extensive experience and leadership skills to bear in the region, with a focus on creating engagement, building strategic relationships, and developing business expansion plans.

Pedro brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success to A-LEAF. He established the Brazilian Wind Energy Association, wrote the bill that was approved by Congress, and brought the first utility-scale wind tower manufacturer to Brazil. He is known for his entrepreneurial spirit, strong business relationships, and his ability to bring innovative solutions to market.

A-LEAF specializes in providing expert support and guidance to clients in the wind and infrastructure industry. The company’s focus is to ensure that projects are successful and delivered on time by embedding specialists within the client’s organization. The company offers a range of services, including quality assurance, quality control, and health and safety support, and specializes in working on the QA/QC of wind turbine generators, offshore substations, and heavy steel structures, among others.

“A-LEAF is a privilege and a responsibility,” says Pedro. “We bring solid global experience tailored to the domestic market. The advanced know-how and profound experience that A-Leaf brings to the market are unprecedented. To the industry.”

With the addition of Pedro to the team, A-LEAF is poised to continue its growth and success in the wind and infrastructure industry. The company is excited to have such a talented and experienced leader on board and looks forward to the impact he will have on the business in the Americas.

Project & Quality Management – Södra Marieholms Bridge Project

In the period between 2016 – 2017, A-LEAF supported the two construction and engineering companies: Swedish – Skanska and Danish – MT-Højgaard with the installation and testing of Södra Marieholms Bridge in Göteborg, Sweden.

After the construction of movable parts for the bridge in Poland 2016, the parts were sent to Sweden for testing and installation. Bridging projects with movable parts like Södra Marieholm are typically very risky, with a high demand for quality and safety management. It was here that A-LEAF provided services within project management with a technical scope, towards planning and coordinating of site inspections, creation of work instructions and repair procedures, etc.

Furthermore, consultants from A-LEAF ensured a successful contracting of safe equipment, as well as follow-up and reporting of the overall project progress.

The Södra Marieholms Bridge was successfully opened up for public use in 2017.

Services provided for this project:

A-LEAF supports in the supply of an additional large international OSS project

The goal of our involvement has been to support the wind industry in reaching required demand of delivery and quality for supporting the global industry.

“We are incredibly proud to have won several projects related the global wind marked. The projects match our core business where focus is on quality, HSE and Project Management of ESP / OSS and related foundations structures where we have ample expertise.” – says Anders Grimstrup-Larsen, CEO and founder of A-LEAF.

The large international OSS project is run by an international wind power developer and as such there is a high demand for specialists. Because our team is well experienced in the field, it was not an issue for them to immediately jump into the project to support the progress of the big OSS project.

The client had a need for a complete organization to help them manage the quality control of the OSS project. We provided the client with a complete on-site organization consisting of a QA Manager, a Fabrication Manager as well as FROSIO, NDT & Welding inspectors, a total of 11 full-time specialists throughout the project.

The organization was embedded directly into the client’s team, making it an extension of their own – reporting directly to the client.

“We have for years been working with A-Leaf in an ongoing positive and constructive cooperation.” – the client says.

The result of our support in the OSS project was that the customer got a complete and fully coordinated organization of specialists to help smooth over the processes involved in the control of production quality.

In the process, the customer experienced significant cost-reductions in risk mitigation of the production.

“The superior services and specialists as individual people or in project trams being provided is exceeding our expectations. We look forward to continuing our cooperation on a global scale.” – the client says.



Services provided for this project:

A-LEAF receives the Børsen Gazelle 2022 award

Wednesday morning, the 12th of October, Anders G. Larsen (CEO & Founder) receives a letter from Børsen – the leading business media in Denmark.

Børsen Gazelle 2022 figurine

The letter contained a congratulations from Børsen, on exceeding the requirements of their nationally famous business award; the Børsen Gazelle.

The award is given to businesses that meet the following requirements:

The award requirements state that you need to double your net profit over the course of four years, based on the first financial statement. From 2021 to 2022 alone, A-LEAF managed to accomplish that with the extraordinary work from the entire team at A-LEAF.

It is no small feat to recieve this award – and to consecutively meet the requirements is a challenge to any business. While it is our first award of its kind, we’re aiming for yet another Børsen Gazelle come 2023.

Our Børsen Gazelle 2022 is a testament to how well our specialists operrate in the field – and we hope the award will function as a reminder of that to any and all of our partners.

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