Meet Your Colleague: Lasse Nygaard Christensen

Greetings from A-LEAF! We are thrilled to present the first edition of our “Meet Your Colleague” series, offering a closer look at the exceptional individuals shaping the identity of our company.

In this spotlight, we proudly introduce our newest colleague in the back-office team, Lasse Nygaard Christensen – Chief Financial Officer (CFO), whose journey and insights will contribute to the continued growth and success of A-LEAF.

How did he start his career, and what led him to A-LEAF?
Leveraging a background in auditing and business economics, Lasse discovered his passion for dynamic environments and rapid change. A-LEAF, being a small and fast-paced organization with a robust company culture and background, presented the perfect opportunity.

Significant milestones in his career
Lasse’s career has been marked by substantial involvement in international businesses, gaining invaluable insights into its strengths and risks. From heading Group Finance functions in Vestas to contributing to the growth of smaller consultancy businesses as a CFO, his journey has been defined by impactful milestones.

A typical workday in his role
As A-LEAF’s CFO, Lasse navigates diverse responsibilities daily, ranging from operational tasks and financial management to contract reviews and strategic dialogues with management, owners, and the Board.

Aspects of his job that he find most exciting and/or challenging
The most thrilling aspect for Lasse is envisioning the continued development of A-LEAF into an even stronger company and brand.

What advice would he give his younger self?
“Aim high, look for opportunities, and go for it. This mantra has guided my career, and I believe it’s essential to encourage continuous ambition and pursuit of opportunities.” – an advice we only can encourage the people of the industry to follow.

Pedro Cunha Joins A-LEAF as New Country Manager and CCO

A-LEAF is pleased to announce the appointment of Pedro Cunha as its new Country Manager and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

Pedro will be operating from A-LEAF International Inc. located in Dallas, TX and will be responsible for managing the affairs of A-LEAF in the Americas, including the development of new business, sales and products, and the implementation of HR, accounting, and control systems. As the Country Manager and CCO for the Americas, Pedro will bring his extensive experience and leadership skills to bear in the region, with a focus on creating engagement, building strategic relationships, and developing business expansion plans.

Pedro brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success to A-LEAF. He established the Brazilian Wind Energy Association, wrote the bill that was approved by Congress, and brought the first utility-scale wind tower manufacturer to Brazil. He is known for his entrepreneurial spirit, strong business relationships, and his ability to bring innovative solutions to market.

A-LEAF specializes in providing expert support and guidance to clients in the wind and infrastructure industry. The company’s focus is to ensure that projects are successful and delivered on time by embedding specialists within the client’s organization. The company offers a range of services, including quality assurance, quality control, and health and safety support, and specializes in working on the QA/QC of wind turbine generators, offshore substations, and heavy steel structures, among others.

“A-LEAF is a privilege and a responsibility,” says Pedro. “We bring solid global experience tailored to the domestic market. The advanced know-how and profound experience that A-Leaf brings to the market are unprecedented. To the industry.”

With the addition of Pedro to the team, A-LEAF is poised to continue its growth and success in the wind and infrastructure industry. The company is excited to have such a talented and experienced leader on board and looks forward to the impact he will have on the business in the Americas.

Press Release: A-LEAF opens country office in Hamburg

The Danish consulting firm, A-LEAF Specialized Consulting, opens a country office in Hamburg on June 1st, 2022. A-LEAF specializes in consulting within the wind turbine industry and infrastructure projects. According to Anders Grimstrup-Larsen, CEO, Hamburg is the hotbed of a large part of those major projects within wind that will be put out to tender in Europe in the next few years.

”The trend is that Germany has become the center of many international, large projects. This is where agreements are concluded and put out to tender. We would therefore like to be close to the decision-making and has a country manager with a powerful, local network within the industry”, says Anders Grimstrup-Larsen.

The new country office will be headed by Sascha Weisner with 20 years of experience from local companies within offshore wind.

Photo of Sascha Weisner

The opening of the office in Germany is part of the growth strategy planned by A-LEAF and has, among other things, resulted in the company having hired 50 new employees since November 2020. The reason is a significant increase in orders and a focus on entering projects sooner, thus creating value for customers.

”We specialize in consulting within the wind turbine industry, data centers, and infrastructure projects. So far, focus has been on quality assurance of steel structures, but we spent the fall expanding our business so that we can enter processes in major projects sooner. That transformation has opened up far more and larger tasks”, says Anders Grimstrup-Larsen.


Contact for further information:

Anders Grimstrup-Larsen, Founder and CEO. 
Tel. +45 21 61 82 22.


A-LEAF eröffnet deutsche Niederlassung in Hamburg

Das dänische Beratungsunternehmen A-LEAF Specialized Consulting eröffnet am 1. Juni 2022 seine deutsche Niederlassung in Hamburg. A-LEAF hat sich auf Beratungsleistungen für Windenergie- und Infrastrukturprojekte spezialisiert. Laut Anders Grimstrup-Larsen, CEO von A-LEAF, ist Hamburg der Dreh- und Angelpunkt für zahlreiche Windkraft-Großprojekte, die in den kommenden Jahren in Europa ausgeschrieben werden.

„Deutschland hat sich zu einem Zentrum für viele der internationalen Großprojekte entwickelt. Hier ist es, wo die großen Ausschreibungen veröffentlicht und vergeben werden. Deshalb möchten wir gerne dort präsent sein, wo die Entscheidungen getroffen werden. Und wir tun das mit einem Country Manager, der über ein starkes lokales Netzwerk in der Branche verfügt“, verdeutlicht Anders Grimstrup-Larsen.

Die neue Niederlassung wird von Sascha Weisner geleitet, der auf eine 20-jährige Erfahrung in globalen Offshore-Windenergieunternehmen zurückblickt.

Die Eröffnung der Deutschland-Niederlassung ist Teil der von A-LEAF verfolgten Wachstumsstrategie, in deren Zuge allein 50 neue Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter seit November 2020 angestellt worden sind. Das Wachstum stützt sich auf einen deutlichen Anstieg der Auftragseingänge und darauf, dass die Beratung verstärkt in früheren Projektphasen ansetzt, um so eine zusätzliche Wertschöpfung für Kunden zu bieten.

„Wir haben uns auf Beratungsleistungen in der Windenergie-Branche, für Datenverarbeitungszentren sowie für Infrastrukturprojekte spezialisiert. Bislang lag unser Schwerpunkt auf der Qualititätssicherung von Stahlkonstruktionen. Seit vergangenem Herbst haben wir unser Leistungangebot so erweitert, dass wir bereits zu einem früheren Zeitpunkt in Großprojekte einsteigen können. Diese Transformation hat uns den Zugang zu mehr und größeren Aufträgen ermöglicht”, erklärt Anders Grimstrup-Larsen.


Kontakt für weiterführende Auskünfte:

Anders Grimstrup-Larsen, Gründer und CEO. 
Tel. +45-21 61 82 22.