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Specialists with 10 years of experience behind them

At A-LEAF we specializes in consulting within the wind turbine industry and infrastructure projects. This year, we can look back on 10 years with speedy growth.

A-LEAF, headquartered in Hadsten, can celebrate its 10th anniversary this year since founder Anders Grimstrup-Larsen set up the consulting company. A-LEAF has gone from 1 to over 100 employees in the ten year span, and a turnover of over 90 million. DKK annually.

“You can safely say that we have had a good, solid tailwind throughout the 10 years, and the niche that I saw in the market back in 2003 proved to be sustainable. Over the years, we have maintained the strategy of being deep specialists in advising the wind turbine industry, building data centres and infrastructure projects with a particular focus on project, safety and quality management of steel structures,” explains Anders Grimstrup-Larsen, CEO and founder of A-LEAF.

From 1 to 100 employees in 10 years

Today, he has more than 100 employees spread over several countries, such as Spain, Poland, Norway, Taiwan, Germany and the USA. Over the past two years, A-LEAF has embarked on a gigantic growth journey, which has resulted in the company hiring 50 new employees. A-LEAF’s customers are leading developers in renewable energy on a global market as well as players in international projects within infrastructure and data centres.

“As a consultancy and trusted advisors for our customers, we are deeply dependent on having the most talented employees employed, and I have no doubt that we have that today. It is A-LEAF’s many consultants, employees at the head office and external advisers who are the key and the reason for our success. Today, we stand on a solid foundation with three core areas, which means that if there is unrest in one, we have tasks in the other two,” points out Anders Grimstrup-Larsen.

Expansion abroad

The latest major expansion of the company has taken place in the USA, where A-LEAF is a supporter of e.g. two large offshore wind projects. The American projects has resulted in A-LEAF opening up offices in New Bedford and Dallas TX to get closer to the American wind projects, seven employees are currently here.

“We are incredibly proud to have won the two major tasks in the USA. The tasks are right into our core area, where the focus is on project, safety and quality management of offshore wind projects and steel structures, in which we have deep expertise. The USA will be important to us in the future, and we have to live by moving our know-how to the Americans.

But Germany is also a growth area for us, and with the establishment of our country office in Hamburg in 2022, we have gained a foothold with the major global developers.

We have made agreements regarding the supply of specialists for projects in Poland and the Baltics for the next 2-3 years with options for possible extensions. In these new markets, as in the historical markets, we must ensure that we support our customers with a know-how transfer,” says Anders Grimstrup-Larsen.

Large Danish projects on the way

Denmark is still a very important area for A-LEAF, and in addition to the head office in Hadsten, an office has been established at Esbjerg Harbor and at Lindø on Funen.

“With the offices in Esbjerg and Odense, we are physically present at the locations where we believe that the green production of the future will take place. There are a number of very large and exciting projects on the drawing board here in Denmark around offshore wind farms, of which we would, of course, like to be a part of,” explains Anders Grimstrup-Larsen.

In the past two financial years, A-LEAF has been able to present a 50% increase in revenue per year, and in 2022 the turnover reached over DKK 90 million. The accounts for 2023 are expected to remain status quo due to investments in new country offices and companies abroad. In contrast, the expectations for 2024 are growth of a further 25%.

The explosive development has meant that they have chosen to expand the organization at the head office and four new faces have just started at A-LEAF. They are Thomas Nørgaard Jacobsen, Executive Assistant, Allan Rønne Gudbergsen, Head of Recruitment & Operations, Lasse Nygaard Christensen CFO and Jens Olsen Strategic advisor.

The hiring of the new team is part of the growth strategy which is in full swing at A-LEAF. The new management must be a strong driving force in making A-LEAF stronger in current and future markets, locally and internationally.

Quality assurance of Chinese technology

Anders Grimstrup-Larsen looks positively at the future and believes that the time is also ripe to look in new places in relation to future technology within wind, infrastructure and data centres.

“We are looking at China to find out what role the Chinese will play in the future delivery of technologies to the energy industry. There is no doubt that it will be necessary to know about their products, and more European manufacturers could buy into China. This means for us that there will certainly be a big focus on project, safety and quality management of the products, which is why we are already acquiring knowledge and expertise in that area,” points out Anders Grimstrup-Larsen.

He also mentions that A-LEAF, with its current experience, has been able to write a script that can be rolled out in the countries and areas where the market for wind, offshore wind and infrastructure will develop. He thus expects further establishment of offices in relevant markets.

The 10-year anniversary is celebrated with an open reception for customers, employees and business partners on Thursday 14 September at 14.00 – 20.00 at the company’s headquarters at Østergade 9 in Hadsten.


  • A-LEAF celebrates its 10th anniversary Thursday 14th of September with a reception at the head office Østergade 9, Hadsten.
  • A-LEAF specializes in consulting, project and quality management and execution in the wind turbine industry, data centers and infrastructure projects.
  • A-LEAF has its head office in Hadsten, and branches at Esbjerg Harbour, Odense Harbour/Lindø. It also has offices in the following countries: USA, Taiwan, India, Spain and Germany.
  • A-LEAF today has 100 consultants and administrative employees spread over the eight offices around the world and carry out tasks in, among other things, Taiwan, Vietnam, all EU, GB and USA.
  • A-LEAF was founded in 2013 by Anders Grimstrup-Larsen.

Key numbers:

YearEmployeesRevenue In million DKKAnnual profit after tax million DKK

For further details, contact:

Anders Grimstrup-Larsen,  Founder and CEO
Tel.: +45 21 61 82 22.
Mail: agl@a-leaf.com