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A-LEAF receives the Børsen Gazelle 2022 award

Wednesday morning, the 12th of October, Anders G. Larsen (CEO & Founder) receives a letter from Børsen – the leading business media in Denmark.

Børsen Gazelle 2022 figurine

The letter contained a congratulations from Børsen, on exceeding the requirements of their nationally famous business award; the Børsen Gazelle.

The award is given to businesses that meet the following requirements:

  • Has a net turnover of at least 500.000 DKK (£67.223)
  • Minimum four consecutive years of financial statements
  • Needs to be an LC or LLC
  • Needs to have comparability in the four consecutive years of financial statements
  • The operating profit of the four years needs to be positive.
  • The net profit needs to be positive in each the four years, and a minimum of 100 pct. growth over the period.

The award requirements state that you need to double your net profit over the course of four years, based on the first financial statement. From 2021 to 2022 alone, A-LEAF managed to accomplish that with the extraordinary work from the entire team at A-LEAF.

It is no small feat to recieve this award – and to consecutively meet the requirements is a challenge to any business. While it is our first award of its kind, we’re aiming for yet another Børsen Gazelle come 2023.

Our Børsen Gazelle 2022 is a testament to how well our specialists operrate in the field – and we hope the award will function as a reminder of that to any and all of our partners.

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