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Meet Your Colleague: Lasse Nygaard Christensen

Greetings from A-LEAF! We are thrilled to present the first edition of our “Meet Your Colleague” series, offering a closer look at the exceptional individuals shaping the identity of our company.

In this spotlight, we proudly introduce our newest colleague in the back-office team, Lasse Nygaard Christensen – Chief Financial Officer (CFO), whose journey and insights will contribute to the continued growth and success of A-LEAF.

How did he start his career, and what led him to A-LEAF?
Leveraging a background in auditing and business economics, Lasse discovered his passion for dynamic environments and rapid change. A-LEAF, being a small and fast-paced organization with a robust company culture and background, presented the perfect opportunity.

Significant milestones in his career
Lasse’s career has been marked by substantial involvement in international businesses, gaining invaluable insights into its strengths and risks. From heading Group Finance functions in Vestas to contributing to the growth of smaller consultancy businesses as a CFO, his journey has been defined by impactful milestones.

A typical workday in his role
As A-LEAF’s CFO, Lasse navigates diverse responsibilities daily, ranging from operational tasks and financial management to contract reviews and strategic dialogues with management, owners, and the Board.

Aspects of his job that he find most exciting and/or challenging
The most thrilling aspect for Lasse is envisioning the continued development of A-LEAF into an even stronger company and brand.

What advice would he give his younger self?
“Aim high, look for opportunities, and go for it. This mantra has guided my career, and I believe it’s essential to encourage continuous ambition and pursuit of opportunities.” – an advice we only can encourage the people of the industry to follow.