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Meet Your Colleague: Peter Just

We are delighted to unveil the latest edition of our “Meet Your Colleague” series, where we shine a spotlight on the exceptional individuals that drive/will drive the heart and soul of A-LEAF.

In this feature, allow us to introduce Peter Just, our newest addition to the back-office team. Peter brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic perspective that will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing growth and success of A-LEAF as Chief Sales Officer (CSO).

In his new role, he will lead our team of Business Developer Managers, a team that is everchanging and growing.

How did he start his career, and what led him to A-LEAF?

Peter’s career journey began at a combine factory in his hometown of Randers, followed by six impactful years at LEGO as a product developer. His transition to the commercial arena marked the onset of a professional trajectory centered on sales, marketing, and purchasing. The allure of A-LEAF stemmed from its commitment to fostering growth and development, aligning seamlessly with Peter’s aspirations.

Significant milestones in his career

Throughout his tenure at R&D, BIIR, and PREVAS, Peter’s sales team achieved a transformative feat—shifting from “just a supplier” of capacity to a strategic partner full of competencies.

A typical workday in his role

From providing invaluable support to the sales team to meticulously updating task lists, engaging in meaningful customer interactions and work closely with our marketing department.

Notably, each day includes at least one “cold call,” a testament to his proactive approach to business development.

Aspects of the job that he finds most exciting and/or challenging

Peter finds excitement in navigating the complexities of securing future growth for A-LEAF. While the road toward growth and change is filled with challenges, he embraces the opportunity to contribute to an organization that prioritizes people, planet, and profit.

What advice would he give his younger self?

“Cut the crap and focus on business. Remember to be interested in the answer when you ask.”

In Peter’s opinion, the essence of business lies in cutting through the noise and focusing on tangible outcomes. He emphasizes the importance of genuine interest in fostering meaningful connections.